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Summer Travel with Pets in the North Georgia Mountains

This summer, you want to get from here-to-there as safely and comfortably as you can with your pet. The proposition is not easy but we can assist with making the journey relaxing and rewarding. The decision to take your pet along or leave him behind is an important one for both you and your companion. Devote extra time to prepare for the journey by having plenty of supplies to keep your pet comfortable in addition to familiarizing yourself with any pet-related restrictions or requirements imposed by airlines, destination countries or states, accommodations, and more. Reading the following tips for traveling with a pet will help make your journey safe and enjoyable for both you and your companion.

Before leaving, check to make sure your accommodation accepts pets and find out of restrictions and fees. For example, The Villas at Coosawattee River Resort, located in the North Georgia Mountains, offers dog friendly units at a charge $15 per pet per night for guests traveling with adult dogs over 12 months old and under 25 lbs. No more than two (2) well-behaved dogs per unit are permitted. The facility is clear-cut on its restrictions and fees, which is valuable communication when traveling with your pet.

Also find Emergency Veterinary Clinics in the area to which you're headed. Again, for example, if staying at The Villas at Coosawattee River Resort, the Ellijay Animal Hospital is located in Ellijay, Georgia and offers after-hours emergency care. Your pets mean a lot to you, and you mean the world to your pets. Ellijay Animal Hospital treasures the bond between people and their pets. The hospital staff realizes that these special creatures are members of your family -- more than just a pet. Understanding you feel this way about your pets, their goal is to exceed your expectations in every way. If traveling to the North Georgia Mountains, you can be rest-assured that in the event you need pet care, you have quality services nearby.

If the pet travels with you, it will retain a sense of identity. However, pets can become frightened and bolt away from you out of open doors and windows. Keep your pet on a leash when outside your car or accommodations. The Villas at Coosawattee River Resort also has other helpful recommendations: In consideration of all guests, dogs must be attended at all times. Pets should never be left alone in a unit or automobile. Due to safety concerns for employees and the pet, do not leave your pet unattended in your vacation accommodation. Be considerate of other guests by making sure your pet is not a nuisance and have your pet on a leash or properly carried outside. Last, when you are out walking your pet on vacation, be considerate and clean up after your pet

Occasionally traveling can upset your pet's stomach. Take along ice cubes, which are easier on your pet than large amounts of water. Keeping feeding to a minimum during travel is recommended:
  • If you are traveling by car, a light meal for your pet two to three hours before you leave is advised.
  • If you are traveling by air, a light meal four to six hours before departure is recommended.
  • Allow small amounts of water periodically in the hours before the trip.
Whether your pet travels with you or by another means it should wear a special identification tag in addition to its regular one. Write the pet's name, your name, the person to contact at the destination, their phone number, a destination address, or that of a friend or relative, in case you want to be reached.

Rabies vaccinations are a must for all travel abroad. Many airlines also require vaccinations. Check with your vet for the complete range of vaccinations required, and of course, check with the airline and country to which you're heading.

If traveling by air, check the airline's requirements to see if your pet can travel in a carrier that can be kept under a seat in the cabin or must travel by air freight. In regard to timing:
  • Get the pet to the air terminal in time by arriving 45 minutes in advance if the pet is accompanying you.
  • If shipping the pet, get to the flight terminal two hours in advance of your flight.
So, after all of these tips, where shall you go this summer? The North Georgia Mountains would be fantastic! You could rent a cabin or villa at The Villas at Coosawattee River Resort. Your pooch would love to go walking in the woods, splashing in the Coosawattee River, or even chase a squirrel. The facility even features a fenced in dog park where your pooch can run leash free in safety. Even though summertime has arrived, some nights get cool—what could be more enchanting and heart warming than man’s best friend snuggling at your feet?

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