Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coosawattee River Resort- JOIN TODAY!

Coosawattee River Resort- Join Today!

Need to join a gym? That could cost you an upwards of $150 to sign-up and then $50 per month. That’s about $750 per year. 

Have you always dreamed of belonging to a country club where you can lounge on the sunning decks, play tennis with your buddies, take a dip in the heated pool after a productive workout in the gym? Yearly memberships run between $150 to $5,000 for fitness, swimming, and tennis. 

Speaking of the pool, do you want to swim at the neighborhood pool but don’t want to pay the daily usage fee which can be around $8 per day per person? If you have kids and a summer of sunny days, that can add up, up, up! 

Wow, all of that can add up in a hurry! 

Well, we have the answer to all of these questions: the Coosawattee River Resort. The Coosawattee River Resort is a gym membership, resort membership, and year round community pool all wrapped-up in one location! 

For around $100 per month, you can have a membership that entitles you to:
  • Year round swimming (2 outdoor and 1 indoor)
  • Fitness facility (cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights)
  • Tennis courts
  • Sunning decks
  • 18-hole mini golf course
  • Camping with fire-pits
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • River-side picnicking pavilions
  • Multitude of playgrounds
  • The Coosawattee Library
  • Dog park
  • Social and community events
  • Land ownership
  • And more!
What are you waiting for? Where else can you get a gym membership for around $3.50 per day? How about a country club membership for around $3.50 per day. Or perhaps a swim club membership for around $3.50 per day? How about ALL THREE for around $3.50 per day? Now that's quite an investment! 

For more information how you can become a member of the Coosawattee River Resort, please contact Susan Gardner at 706-276-2143 or sgardner@crra.biz

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